Another Bad-Dog Book:

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“Funny, smart, original, and—just to keep us on our toes—occasionally heartbreaking, Joni B Cole’s essays are terrific. Every page of Another Bad-Dog Book offers riotously funny and outrageously honest observations without sacrificing either Cole’s fiercely intelligent insights or the lyrical brilliance of her beautiful writing.” — Gina Barreca, author and columnist for the Hartford Courant 

“Joni Cole’s voice may be brutal, but readers, drawn to turn to the next page, will be rewarded: She is funny and so is her gutsy book.” — New York Journal of Books

“I would describe this book as being all the roll-on-the-floor-funny, embarrassing and just plain crazy stories that your female friends have told you compiled into one handy book. Except that these stories are well articulated by an imaginative and excellent writer and they have all the guilt, shame and modesty removed from them.” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer (via Blogcritics)

“Ms. Cole has a sharp, witty attitude with just the right amount of motherly lunacy to keep her readers transfixed from page one until the last period of the book. From the perils of bad-dog ownership to being that mom your children are embarrassed by – goodness forbid you use the forbidden “tween” word – these essays touched my heart while making me laugh so hard I almost peed myself. This book gave me the profound realization that I am not alone in the whirlwind of neurotic behavior my life is drowning in, and rather than always question it, I may as well just sit back and laugh.” – Bookwenches.com

“With Cole we can admit crazy things like being jealous of the residents of seniors’ nursing facilities, resentful of friends who succeed in meeting our New Year’s resolutions where we fail year after year, and re-experience those horrid luncheons where you feel the least accomplished person at the table. But alongside the humour is Cole’s light touch on our hearts. This book is full of sentiment, but avoids manipulation. You know the kind of deliberate heartstring-tugging that’s in all those bad-dog books.” — Cate’s Bookshelves.

“Life according to Joni B. Cole is quite special, heartbreaking, funny and definitely unique.  Hear her voice as she relates some of the best written and best-told true-life experience stories that this reviewer has ever had the pleasure of reading.” — Fran Lewis, radio host of Book Discussion with Fran Lewis

“LOVED IT…Overall this is a book to hide in your bathroom, so you can pick it up if you ever need an escape.  If you enjoy Celia Rivenbark, Dave Barry and Jen Lancaster, you will adore this one as well!” — Bookhounds

“Despite its title, this collection of personal essays from Cole (Toxic Feedback) is not a dog book, and only the title essay concerns the author’s Chihuahua mix. Instead, this is a person book, and its scope is personal, for better or worse…by the end of this friendly, honest book, the reader will feel much affection for Cole, her little brood, and her bad dog.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“A hard book to put down.” —  Bookpleasures.com

“Another Bad Dog book is one of the funniest books I have read.” —  Cheryl’s Book Nook

“Another Bad Dog Book takes Joni into the humor memoir writing arena of authors like Jen Lancaster and Laurie Notaro, also affectionately known as the “laugh until you pee your pants” or “laugh until whatever you’re drinking shoots out of your nose” writers… Reading Joni’s essays is like having a gossip session with a close girlfriend. You’re dishing about what’s going on in your neighborhood or family. Overall, some of the essays are funnier than others, but when they hit, it’s huge.” — Chick Lit Central: The Blog!

“Average moments of ordinary life take a hilarious spin in Joni’s hands, from finding out via Facebook that your old heartthrob is a raging tea partier to the neurotic anxiety of preparing to speak before a crowd of people who you just know are going to see right through you. Even in the more sublime elements of existence, such as figuring out “who are my people?” or the true meaning of marriage, she’s able to find the nugget of truth that will crack you up or at least make you crack a smile… A top-notch collection! ” —  The Joy of Booking

“This is a remarkable book, filled with stories that will touch the hearts and minds of any reader who has ever been over-attached to a pet, fought with her hair, stalked her high school crush, said long goodbyes to loved ones, or tried to talk (and talk and talk) her way through a mid-life crisis. Honest, hilarious, even passionate, Joni B. Cole makes you want to phone (not email) this new best girlfriend. Get it, read it, share it.” — Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Huffington Post columnist, author of The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money, and More

“Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every chapter in this book.  Joni has a knack for turning mundane experiences – like sitting in the nosebleeds at an American Idol concert – into hilarious and meaningful life lessons. After reading this book, I felt like I just spent a relaxing evening drinking margaritas with a best girlfriend.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Get it, read it, share it!”  —  Chick Lit Cafe. For full review: http://loonachicklit.wordpress.com/

*Featuring the 2011 Pushcart Prize-nominated essay, Strangers on a Train.

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PUB DATE: OCTOBER 4, 2011• PUBLISHINGWORKS, INC.• ISBN-13: 978-1-935557-16-6 • PAPERBACK 204 PGS. • $14.95

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“I can’t imagine a better guide to [writing’s] rewards and perils than this fine book.” –  American Book Review 

“Strongly recommended” – Library Journal

“Cole offers some very helpful strategies for processing feedback in her excellent Toxic Feedback.” –  Psychology Today 

“[Cole] reminds me of some of my favorite writing authorities; Natalie Goldberg, Annie Lamott and of course, Stephen King. And as these accomplished authors do, Cole actually imparts useful wisdom, not just on finding and understanding feedback, but on the general process of writing.” – Blogcritics.org

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