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I crack myself up. You can ask any of my friends. The Urban Dictionary defines this as a phrase often said by people who find themselves hilarious, regardless of what anyone else may think. So there's that. But if I have to hang out with myself all the time, I'm glad I think I'm entertaining.


When my partner, Helmut Baer, a lifelong doodler, developed a passion for creating cartoons, he invited me to assign them captions. While the illustrations have a whimsy and sweetness all their own, I loved the challenge of coming up with a line that suggested a narrative or gave voice to a character. Thanks to Helmut's creations, I now have another way to crack myself up, this time by writing captions inspired by pictures. I hope you enjoy these examples of our comic wit, but if not... Well, I think they're funny. 

Check out Helmut's digital story, "Between the Lines: A Journey Back to the Drawing Table"


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