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Congratulations! We have ourselves a day!

And what a day it is: International Women’s Day, which sounds amazing and empowering. Except, let’s face it, most people only get a day in their honor if they have been historically under-appreciated or maligned. Think about it...

Dear 4,374 Subscribers to the Norwich Listserv,

No, you are not invited to the upcoming pasta bolognese party at my condo. It was just a mistake, an email invitation intended only for a few friends, yet somehow—a careless keystroke?—I accidentally sent the invitation to...

Dear Turkey,

I feel your pain. There you are, just trying to live your life, then one day, say November 8, you suddenly realize a lot of people are gunning for you! The danger is palpable! You feel victimized! Your very body is up for grabs, and the most powerful folks...

Dear Thelma and Louise,

It’s time for a remake. I know, your movie was a hit in 1991—best original screenplay; six Academy Award nominations, a landmark of feminist film. But that was then, when a lot of women were still expected to play house and put up with cheating h...

Dear Me,

Don't go. Seriously, Joni, don’t go.

Don't participate in the Pro Trump Rally happening right now in Hanover. Yes, the announcement of the rally on the local listservs made it clear you are invited. "Liberals welcome," the posting began, and for one fleeting mom...

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